Childhood is not something that should be spent toiling away at dirt for copper, welding, making shoes, and worrying about bills that have to be paid. Childhood is a season in life where children should be free to act there age and be stress free. But according to the international labor organization (ILO) “The Global number of children in child labor has declined by one third since 2000, from 246 million to 168 million children. More than half of them, 85 million, are in hazardous work (down from 171 million in 2000).

There are up to 78 million child laborers in Asia and the pacific. Causing these areas to be affected the most by having some of the largest numbers of child laborers. 9.3% of their child population. Even sub-Saharan Africa has equally unsatisfactory numbers of child labors, 9.2 million, over 21% of the child population. Other equally affected regions include, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa. In all having 9.2 million or 8.4%.

With this particular issue agriculture is the most important sector where child labor is most prevalent. About 98 million, or 59%.

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The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights stats that “Everyone has the right to education." from the research done by many macro and micro programs, it is seen that this sort of activity, limits a child social ability and opportunity's in life. due to the fact that most good doors open with the key of education, and related skills. this is why the ILO also states that "There is near universal ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention states that children have the right to
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be protected from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child’s education, or to be harmful to the child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development." so there is much true to the allegation that the early laboring and worrying links strongly to later manifested psychological issues, social misunderstandings. etc. in most cases, the children grow up with semi mild sociopathic tendencies or behavior.


Child labor has a short term and long term impact on society, from the number we can see the apparent fluctuation. But indefinitely the numbers keep going back up,Little by little. This is mainly due to a cycle like fact, this form of labor gives poor family's the money they need to simply survive, it gives them low education rate as well in general, and high fertility rate to increase there chances of survival. A higher fertility rate mean a lager family, and a lager family demands more income to live .Because of this, the number of child labor ears keep going up as primary
education is not prevalent, and the number of children who get educated gets lower or stays at a certain consistency. This keeps the wages of the ones on the higher end of distribution high, and makes the system unbalanced. Not only does this set the system off, but it creates income inequality that only gets worse. Because of this, connections to world issues such as poverty are made. And the number of people being born into it keeps on raising, this in turn give rise to other issues such as poor livening condition and over population due to high fertility rates. The situation look minuet and insignificant when one poor family is having children to work and earn money to live, but the picture get much worse when millions of poor family's all over the world are doing the same thing. These are the reasons why everyone is directly and indirectly affected by this one world issue. The global concern she's flow in confluence one way or another, And so does the way it affect distance and seemingly unaffected
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